Have You Seen BTS’ New ‘Map Of The Soul: Persona’ Comeback Trailer?

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

BTS dropped their comeback trailer for Map Of The Soul: Persona and it’s everything plus more.

While the new music video only features Rapmon, it’s a real showcase for him. He acknowledges his past controversies and keeps in touch with the album title during the chorus of his rap. The video begins with digital graphics that slowly fade out of a blackboard with drawing on it before Rapmon stands up in an empty classroom and begins his masterpiece. The background then transitions to a graphic screen of fire with him in the middle before switching again. The camera is constantly up close and personal, giving the viewer a personal experience. It’s creative, dignifying, and in style with Rapmon’s own personal touch. Check out the video below.

Map Of The Soul: Persona comes out April 12. You can keep with BTS via Instagram and Twitter.