Always a Hero: Keanu Reeves Shuttles Happiness and Friendship


Actor Keanu Reeves made quite a few friends on a shuttle bus this weekend after his flight had to make an emergency landing. 

The Matrix actor Keanu Reeves was on a United Flight from San Fransisco to Burbank this past weekend when the flight has to make an unexpected landing due to emergency circumstances.

Passengers of the flight captured moments as Reeves took the wheel of arranging plans for the continued travel, which resulted in a bus ride for him…along with the passengers of his flight!

Amir Blum (Unboxed) on Twitter

That time when your flight out from #GDC almost crashes and you have to emergency land in a remote airport but at least Keanu Reeves is having as bad a day as you are.

“Getting there is half the fun!” was one of the phrases that passengers overheard as Keanu was sorting out the bus ride. Other passengers along for the ride stated that Reeves played music that was native for Bakersfield and jokingly read fun facts about the Californian town that SoCal punk rock natives Social Distortion once referred to as quite the place to be stranded.

After the long and arduous day of travel, Keanu was seen hopping over to Carl’s Jr. for a snack to cap off the day. Who says celebs are any different than the rest of us craving a spot of fast-food after a long day? What’s to be learned from all of this? If you’re scrambling for a pal to road trip with, Keanu is your man.

Keanu, we’ll travel with you anytime.