The Music Video for ‘Who Do You Love’ by The Chainsmokers + 5SOS Is Explosive


Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

The music video is finally here and it is exhilarating.

The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer released an amazing song earlier this year, titled “Who Do You Love”. Since the song was released, we have been awaiting the music video as both artists are known for their creative and fun videos. The “Who Do You Love” music video, which was recently dropped, did not disappoint. It revolved around the idea of a battle of the bands with The Chainsmokers versus 5SOS. It was as epic as it sounds.


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The video started off with a stare off between 5SOS and The Chainsmokers as they arrived in vans to the venue, not unlike a face off like those in Fast and Furious. In the video, the artists each tried to one-up each other in order to win the crowd over. It started off with both bands simply playing and it escalated as the song continued, each act more intense than the previous one. The video was literally fire as both the Chainsmokers and 5SOS burst out in flames. There was also pyrotechnics, crowd surfing, and a more extreme approach to a stage dive. The concept and editing reminded us of the iconic 2010 film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The video ends in both bands literally being blown away by their music and performing techniques.

Watch the full video below.