Jameela Jamil Shares Story of Sexual Harassment Inspiring Others to do the Same


Being a woman in today’s society isn’t easy.

Dealing with constant pressure, judgment, and even harassment can make it seem impossible to navigate the world. But sometimes a woman will share her story and help us remember that we are not alone and we have the power to speak out.

On Sunday, March 24, actress Jameela Jamil went to Twitter to share her stories of a few times she has been harassed by men and how being a woman is “like existing on thin ice.” Jamil’s sharing of her experiences was unfortunately relatable for many other women who then shared their experience in response.

The Good Place star then pointed out that much of the entitlement towards women stems from their inability to take rejection and that we need to teach all of our children how to deal with rejection and de-stigmatize it.

Although these conversations may be frustrating and upsetting they are necessary conversations if we want to fight sexism and spark a cultural shift.