Deepika Padukone To Star In New Film, ‘Chhapaak’


Fans are buzzing about Deepika Padukone’s next film!

Bollywood’s biggest star is slated to lead the way in her upcoming movie, Chhapaak. Deepika stars as Malti, a burn survivor and human rights activist living in the heart of Dehli. Based on the true story of Laxmi Agarwal, the film explores the harrowing attack on Malti by a man from whom she refused a marraige proposal. Only 15 years old at the time, Malti becomes a tragic victim, as this suitor she barely knew douses her in acid as an act of retaliation. With Malti’s entire body burned completely, the attack sparks an outcry in the nation. Even today, many human right’s advocates cite this case as an indication of the women’s rights crisis in India.

Laxmi, a critcal advocate in her own right of both this film and of her story, has become an international champion for fight against acid violence and the overall sale of acid. Michelle Obama even gave her the International Woman of Courage award in 2014. Deepika’s excitement for the groundbreaking role and for the film was clear, as she announced the production on Instagram.



Producing alongside Fox Star Studios, Deepika’s own production company, KA Entertainment, is set to make this their first feature production. Slated to release on January 10, 2020, the film is far out. Nevertheless, this retelling of such a monumental story is a profound and necessary step for the rights of women around the world.