Click Here to Hear Jennifer Nettles’ New Song

Zach Pagano/NBC

Introducing our new mantra, “I’m not bossy; I’m a boss.” This profoundly touching song by the country singer touches on how strong women are in a way that gives you chills. “I Can Do Hard Things” is not only a beautiful song, but the video will truly bring you to tears. It features undefinably strong women sharing their stories of love and perseverance. It is the song that we all needed to hear.

“Sometimes I don’t like it
But that doesn’t mean I don’t love it
Sometimes I get down so low
But that doesn’t mean I can’t rise above it
Sometimes it’s the vast unknown
As far as I can see
And sometimes it feels like I’m touching everything
And everything is touching me
I’ve lost people and money
To become the woman I am today
And I’ll still be becoming tomorrow
Maybe losin’, but still choosin’ her anyway”

When it feels like the world is pushing you down, this can be your anthem. Because, as Nettles says, you can do hard things. You are strong and capable.

Listen to the beautiful song here.