Dafne Almazan Is Harvard’s Youngest Enrolled Grad Student In The Last Century


Mexican teenager, Dafne Almazan is a 17-year-old psychologist that is making history with being the first minor enrolled into a post-graduate degree at Harvard University. According to EFE, at six-years-old Almazan knew how to read and write, at 10 she finished high school and was enrolled into college at 13 years of age in Harvards Psychology program. She also told EFE, “My parents taught me before I entered elementary school all the subjects I should know. They did this also in high school. My brothers supported me with topics that I did not understand.”

Almazan has caught the attention of Latin America as she’s marked a place in history for Latin women.  Remezcla reported that she used her past degrees to help other gifted children who struggled with low-self esteem. So not only is she a genius, but she’s also humble.


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Que tus triunfos no se te suban a la cabeza, ni los fracasos al corazón.

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