Have You Seen Michelle Phan Nighttime Routine With Harper’s BAZAAR?


Businesswoman and former YouTube personality Michelle Phan shared her in-depth skincare routine that keeps her foundation free.

If you started dabbling in the world of YouTube makeup back in 2007 then you’re well familiar with Michelle Phan. With millions of views for her makeup transformations and starting her own business, Em Cosmetics, Phan was an important pioneer in building the beauty community on YouTube. She took a hiatus from YouTube in 2014 to focus on herself both mentally and spiritually. It was during that time that she decided to go foundation free and fully invest in her skincare. Through the process of understanding her skin, she developed a full skincare routine that she shared with her fans through Harper’s BAZAAR. Inspired by K-beauty, she gravitated towards Korean products and is now a full investor in skincare. She also shares a masking secret she learned when visiting a factory where the masks are made.  Check out her video below.