Mattel is Releasing More Details on Its BTS Doll Collection

Todd Williamson/NBC

Bit by bit we are getting more information about the doll collection for #BTSxMattel.

The boys of BTS are at the height of their career right now. With multiple hit singles and awards under their belts and a devoted international fanbase, they are truly at the top of their game. That’s why when we heard there was going to be a collection of dolls made in the boys’ image we weren’t surprised, but we were very excited!

The tweets revealing details about the dolls, have been nothing less than cryptic. While we now know what outfits they’ll be in, we have gotten nearly no indication of the faces or physiques of the figure. But that should make it all the more exciting, right?

The first hint at the collection was released on March 18th, and we’ve gotten two more since then. We received a silhouetted picture of all BTS’s members, a sneak peek of the RM doll’s dimples and a snap of the shoulder of, what is presumed to be Jin’s suit. This is not very much to go on, but fans are already going crazy!

We don’t have an exact release date for these handsome boys yet, but keep your eyes on Mattel’s Twitter for more updates.