Emilia Clarke Launched SameYou Charity and Shares the Personal Story Behind It


The actress is raising awareness with her newly-launched charity. 

English actress Emilia Clarke is renowned for her role as badass Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones and for her role as Louisa Clark in the touching film Me Before You. She is now using her platform to manage a charity called SameYou. It is dedicated to increasing access to rehabilitation after brain injury and strokes for young people. It is a topic that is very personal to her and she is finally telling the story to bring awareness.

Emilia wrote a piece for The New Yorker to tell her story about why her charity is so close to her heart. In the piece, she explains that she went through two aneurysms in her twenties during the filming of Game of Thrones. She had to have multiple surgeries and her recovery road was a rough one. Not only did she have to deal with the pain and fear of the brain damage caused, but she had to pretend that everything was okay as she did not want to risk the news spreading across the media. However, now she felt that it was time to tell her story and raise awareness because as she mentions in her piece, many believe that young people like herself should be healthy and not at risk of brain damage. Her charity is dedicated to changing that and to helping those that do suffer these injuries get the treatment they need and deserve.


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Brain injury and stroke can devastate the lives of young adults. We want to fix that. #sameyoucharity

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Emilia’s piece has left us speechless. We cannot believe how strong she has been and we admire her so much for sharing such a personal story for the greater good. She truly is the woman that we all aspire to be. There are no words to describe how incredible she is. To learn more about and support her charity, you can visit the SameYou website.