The Newest ‘Stranger Things 3’ Trailer is Here


After the monstrous cliffhanger we received ending  Stranger Things 2, fans are so excited to receive more information on the third installment of the series. 


Stranger Things became an instant classic among Netflix watchers after it hit the ground running back in 2016. It was hailed for its genius mix of humor and suspense while implementing countless references to beloved 80s properties.  Taking place in the 1980s in a small midwestern town, the amount of material to draw from was abundant. The made sure to grab anything from Ghostbusters to Dig Dug and fans fell in love.

The series also hosted a cast of diverse characters that audiences fell in love with instantly. The kids of Hawkins Middle School were something everyone could relate to. We had felt that awkward pain and could empathize with the boys.

The series continued to scale in size during its second season when the monsters got bigger and the mysteries got trickier. Truly, it just keeps getting better. That’s why everyone is incredibly stoked about the third season trailer that was released on March 20th.


Watch the trailer here:

The trailer has made clear that the gang isn’t kids anymore. The horrors they face are scarier, but their bonds are growing even tighter. We are sure to see our favorite relationships blossom and learn more about characters we don’t know well yet.

Honestly, the wait for July 4th couldn’t be any slower. If you haven’t caught up yet, make sure to binge the first two seasons before Stranger Things 3 comes out this summer.