See the New Toy Story 4 Trailer

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Toy Story 4 is coming soon and our hearts can’t handle it. 

Toy Story series has been a part of all of our childhoods and has had us riding an emotional rollercoaster since the first movie. We witnessed the heartwarming scenes of Woody and Buzz becoming friends, Jessie and Bullseye becoming Andy’s toys, and, perhaps the most emotional, Andy leaving for college and giving his toys to Bonnie. Emotionally, it seems that Toy Story 4 will be no different. Disney Pixar just released the official poster and trailer and we are already in tears. The poster features Buzz, Woody, and Bo Peep (with a new look) along with new characters, including Forky, Ducky, and Bunny.


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Here’s the brand new poster for #ToyStory4. See the film in theaters June 21.

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As for the trailer, it left us completely emotionally wrecked. It starts off with the introduction of Forky, a toy that Bonnie made at daycare. However, Forky seems to be having an existential crisis and asks why he’s alive at all. The trailer escalates as Woody and Forky go into a “haunted” house and Bo Peep saves them. The moment when we really began to feel the emotions was when “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys started playing in the background as Woody decides if he wants to stay with Bo Peep in an amusement park or return to Bonnie. Then, we hear Woody say ” I was made to help a child. I don’t remember it being this hard” in a tired voice. At that point, the tears would not stop rolling down our face.

We cannot wait to see the Pixar masterpiece unfold in theatres on its premiere date, June 21st. Watch the full trailer below.