Alicia Keys Opens Up About Autobiography


In an iconic video with Oprah, we learned all about Alicia Keys’ new autobiography.  More Myself: A Journey, is the autobiography we didn’t have any idea was coming! However, according to Oprah, it’s the autobiography we need.

In a video on her YouTube channel on March 13th, Alicia Keys gave some serious details about her surprise autobiography, More Myself: A Journey. She explained that she refused to call it a memoir and that it was much more than that. She said it was a mix of narrative documentary style and that she loved the process of writing it. She says about the process, “You know what’s really interesting is just recalling all of these places and spaces and the moments in your life that cause you angst or anxiety or proud moments, or things you have to work through.”

Oprah praised the book, saying that Keys had accomplished a feat by writing an autobiography about herself that made others want to be more themselves. Truly, Oprah gave nothing but rave reviews, and we know if she likes a book, then we’re sure to love it.


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More Myself: A Journey will be an amazing journey through the life of Alicia Keys. It will be published by Oprah Winfrey publishing and will hit the shelves this fall. When discussing the main themes of the book, Keys left us with this:

“You know, of course, we want to be kind and loving to each other, of course. But the goal is that you are making yourself happy, that you are learning more about yourself, that you are able to identify who you are, what you like, what you love, what makes you feel magic.”