Starbucks’ Cloud Macchiato is Truly a Dream


Starbucks is taking a fresh new spin on one of their signature beverages. 

On March 5th, U.S and Canada locations began offering the new Cloud Macchiato. The new beverage was inspired by the classic macchiato and a summer drink hailing from Barcelona called “leche merengada” (meringue milk). The Cloud Macchiato comes in two flavors: Caramel and Cinnamon. Each flavor follows the true form of a classic macchiato and is layered with flavor.

The Iced Cinnamon Macchiato is layered with a whipped cloud foam (which is where the drink gets its name) and a hint of cinnamon. You’ll also get a taste of lemon syrup, espresso which is topped off by caramel drizzle and a speck of light cinnamon dust. The Iced Caramel Macchiato takes a more traditional turn. It follows a similar flow as its cinnamon comrade, but you’ll taste more vanilla in the flavoring. Both flavors can be served hot.

The newest addition to the Starbucks menu must be good because even Ariana Grande is endorsing the beverage. She’s now a Starbucks Ambassador and can be seen sipping her grande Cloud Macchiato all over social media.

Spring is all about new beginnings and a sip of Starbucks’ Cloud Macchiato is the perfect way to start the season.