Netflix’s ‘Strong Black Lead’ Announces New Podcast


As if the “Strong Black Lead” accounts weren’t inspirational enough, they came through with a podcast.

“Strong Black Leads” on all networks introduces the public to shows/films starring or created by people of color. They focus on Netflix projects but you will see projects outside of the Netflix realm. The podcast coming out of “Strong Black Lead”, titled “Strong Black Legends”, is hosted by the iconic and hilarious Tracy Clayton. Its a collaboration with Netflix and Pineapple Street Media. On the show, Tracy interviews, you guessed it, strong black legends. She talks to these extremely influential individuals about the work they’ve done throughout their careers, the struggles they’ve overcome as black creatives, and their overall influence within the culture.

A few of the Strong Black Legends that have appeared on the podcast are Lynn Whitfield, Garrett Morris, Loretta Devine, and recent Academy Award Winner Ruth E. Carter.

This podcast is very inspirational and gives individuals that grew up watching these legends a better chance to understand and appreciate the hardships they faced to bring us the classics we know and love.