Get Ready for St. Patrick’s Day with Dermelect


Avoid getting pinched this St. Patricks Day with Dermelect’s ‘ME’ Peptide-Infused Nail Lacquers.

Dermelect’s color treatment lacquers are infused with its signature pure protein peptide, giving your nails a high-gloss shine, flawless coverage, longevity and durability. Everything you need to look for gold (or a Shamrock Shake). Don’t worry about which colors to look for. We’ve got you covered.

‘Me’ Faire Maiden Desert Sage ($14) is a beautiful dusty green that provides high pigmentation and protects your nails from UV lights.

‘Me’ Verdure Lush Hunter Green ($14) is a deep forest green that not only strengthens your nails but has also been rated as one of the top fall nail colors to try with ELLE.

‘Me’ Army if One Khaki Green ($14) is the perfect nail color is the last two were too light or dark for you.

‘Me’ Nobody’s Fool Chrome Marigold ($14) would be the perfect accent nail to the end of your rainbow. It’s bright, beautiful, and give’s a chrome effect for a perfect gold.


You can check out Dermelect ‘Me’ Nail Lacquers exclusively on their website.