Chance the Rapper Shares Super Cute Story About Meeting His Fiancée


The Chicago rapper posted a Twitter thread telling the story of meeting his future wife at just 9 years-old. 

Maybe love exists after all. Chance the Rapper shared the heartwarming story of the first time he met his fiancée and mother of his child, Kirsten Cooley. Chance, born Chandler Bennet, recalled meeting his fiancee for the first time at a work party for his mother’s job at a real estate company. He reveals that he wasn’t very interested in being at the event and was much more focused on his Gameboy. All that changed when it’s announced that there would be a very special performance at this party. The couple first locked eyes when his wife-to-be and two other girls were performing the Destiny’s Child song, “Independent Women Pt. 1”. Chance calls the memory “photographic” and remembers falling head over heels for Kirsten when she sang the opening lyrics to the iconic girl-power centered song.


Chance also reveals that his father encouraged him to perform at the party too. However, Chance didn’t want to because he knew that he wanted to marry his future wife right then and there. Chance even posts a photo of Kirsten at the beginning of the thread that he reveals was taken that very night they met in 2003. This nostalgic post comes just days before the couple’s upcoming wedding this weekend.