Barbie Celebrates Inspiring Women for 60th Anniversary


Barbie is celebrating its 60th anniversary and International Women’s Day in a major way!

The iconic doll company is honoring 20 women from around the globe that are role models to young women. These women all have different ethnic backgrounds and have achieved tremendous things from various industries. Now every girl will have someone to look up to. Yara Shahidi, Naomi Osaka, Adwou Aboah are amongst some of the role models being honored through the Inspiring Women Doll Series. Each role model will be turned into their own one-of-a-kind “Shero” doll.

In addition to the new collection, Barbie is using their “Dream Gap Project Fund” to donate funding to organizations aimed at “leveling the playing field for girls”. The Mattel Children’s Foundation will donate $1 from every doll sold in the U.S and distribute the funds to the various organizations chosen.

Be sure to join the conversation by using the hashtags #YouCanBeAnything , #MoreRoleModels and #Barbie60!