Get More Sleep With Safety Blue Blockers

These glasses will change the way you sleep by changing the way you see.

Game Changer BROWLINE Computer Glasses

This is what Safety Blue Blockers are here for:

“Eye strain and fatigue are markers of blue light overwhelm. Computers, smartphones, and tablets emit high-intensity pulses of dangerous blue light and then eye strain ensues and sleep gets disrupted.

Alleviate visual fatigue, eye stress and discomfort from long periods of web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights.”

We live in a time where our screen time is consistently increasing. So many jobs and forms of socialization happen through social media and the internet as a whole. We can do nearly everything online, which is revolutionary! However, a significant amount of blue light is really bad for your eyes.

Safety Blue Eyewear produces products that block harsh blue light from affecting your eyes without compromising your vision. Their products are sleek and easy to store while providing much-needed protection.

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