Meet Flamingo: The Ultimate Body Hair Removal


Inspired by the one-legged pose we do in the shower when shaving, meet Harry’s sister company, Flamingo.

So who’s Harry and why is a company named after a bird so important? Well, Harry’s is a shaving company that was founded by Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield in 2013. The two men were tired of having to wait for a drugstore employee to unlock the razor cases before they overpaid for it. So Raider and Katz-Mayfield bought their razor factory and now fully own a well-known shaving company that provides fair priced shaving products. They were so successful with Harry’s that even women started using their products.  The grooming brand then branched out into women’s grooming, creating their first women’s razor Flamingo.

Flamingo offers shaving kits, individual razors, body lotions, and wax products. Their shaving set ($16) includes a foaming shave gel, one body lotion, one shower hook, 1 reusable pouch, 2 German-engineered five blade cartridges, and 1 flamingo razor handle. The razor itself retails for $9.

As for wax, they offer ready-to-use soft gel wax strips for the body. Their Body Wax Kit ($10) includes 12 double sided strips and 6 post-wax cloths. The Face Wax Kit ($10) includes 10 double sided face wax strips, 6 post-wax cloths, and 1 calming serum.

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