Hostess Celebrates 100 Years with Their New ‘Birthday CupCakes’


Hostess, the snack brand that brought us Twinkies, is celebrating 100 years.

Hostess began in 1919 with just one snack, the “CupCake.” Now, for their 100th, they’re bringing it back but this time, with a birthday cake flavor! What else could be more fitting? The snack is made with a vanilla creme filling with rainbow sprinkles on top of a golden cake with more rainbow sprinkles baked into the cake.

Hostess also added to their “CupCake” program two limited-edition flavors such as “Strawberry CupCakes” and “Mint Chocolate Cupcakes.”

All three flavors are available now at any grocery store nationwide. You can purchase them in multipacks or single-serve.