Look Out 2019, The Jonas Brothers are Getting Back Together

Photo By Hugh Gentry

They teased us at the beginning of 2018 and tried to shut down rumors, but it looks like we have won them over.

Photo By Norm Shapiro

The Jonas Brothers are planning to reunite after 6 years of pursuing separate ventures; great for them, agony for the rest of us. Sources also reveal that Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas will be dropping the “Brothers” from their former name and refer to themselves from now on as “JONAS”. The brothers recently flew to London to do an interview, discussing their comeback, which will include new music and a documentary Although, none of the brothers themselves have made a single comment on the rumors of their reunion. On the other hand, the rest of the entire world is freaking out on social media. The excitement of their return has gathered a following on Twitter:

Even though no comments are being made to confirm or deny this happening, Nick Jonas has been spotted liking various tweets gushing excitement over The Jonas Brothers getting back together.

Since 2018, Nick was always the one that gave us hope, commenting on these rumors when they first arose, “Never say never.”