Jumpstart Your Summer Bod Goals with the Ketogenic Diet


The ketogenic diet has been the most-searched dieting trend of 2018, and its popularity has yet to plummet.

Otherwise known as the keto diet, this weight loss trend calls for replacing high-carb foods with fatty foods that are rich in protein. The goal is to get your body into a state of ketosis, where the amount of sugar in your body that is burned for fuel is little to none. Once your body has used up all the sugar, it will instead replace the lack of sugars consumed with the large amounts of fat for energy consumption. The short-term weight loss that ensues has been the reason for the diet’s growing amount of followers. The many said benefits skyrocketing this latest diet fad includes: adapting your body to burn fat at a much higher rate (24/7), increasing your metabolism, boosting brain function, losing belly fat and much more.

So how can people substitute their daily intake of carbs? One of the most popular substitutions for bread or rice is with cauliflower. You can make anything from cauliflower rice to pizza, and it dramatically reduces the amount of carbohydrates that your body intakes, while increasing the amount of nutrients and fiber that it receives. Not only is it nourishing and filling, it will have an astounding effect on your weight loss goals.

Do your body a favor this year, and try out the keto diet with the help of Amy Lacey’s book Cali’Flour Kitchen, with 125 cauliflower-based recipes at your ease.

Diets can be hard, so just simplify your steps. You’ll have 125 chances to eat something delicious and get in better shape, all at the same time. Her book is available for purchase on Amazon.