Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart Set a Guinness World Record

Guinness World Records

Did you know that being a superhero could set a world record?

Some of the oldest and most beloved superhero movies are those of the X-Men. The X-Men originated in 1963 and were created by Marvel artists Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, two comic book legends. The X-Men are mostly mutants, a type of human with supernatural abilities activated by the fabled “x-jean.” The X-Men are some of Marvel’s most valuable properties and there have been countless shows, movies and video games about them.

Some of the most recognizable superheroes are members of the X-Men. Storm, Cyclops, and Mystique are a few, but no member of the super mutants is more iconic than Wolverine. Wolverine is the iconic three-clawed fighter, with a skeleton of adamantium, who was brought to life by the iconic Hugh Jackman. Jackman took on the role with the original movie X-Men in 2000 and stuck with the character all the way until the 2017 release of Logan where he played the role for the last time.

Alongside Jackman for the entire ride was Sir Patrick Stweart, playing the fearless and intellectual leader of the heroes, Professor Charles Xavier, or, Professor X for short. Stewart was incredible in this role and was hailed by comic book fans for years. He, too, started in 2000 and ended his run as Professor X in Logan. It was a sad moment to see both of them leave a world so beloved by fans everywhere, but they did not leave without recognition.

On February 20th, both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart were presented with Guinness World Records for best the Longest Live-Action Marvel Superheroes. Both of them had super-careers of 12 years and 228 days.

There isn’t a more deserving pair than the two of them, and we want to wish them a heartfelt congratulations!