The Ten Dogs You Need to Follow on Instagram


If you ever find yourself needing a pick me, make sure to follow the sweet doggies.

Sometimes social media can be a tiring place. There can be a lot of toxicity and negativity floating around, but there is nothing toxic or negative about these accounts!

Perhaps one of the best trends of the last few years is people making Instagram accounts just for their furry friends. These accounts allow you to get to know and appreciate all of the wonderful dogs out there in the world. A lot of people live in small apartments or rent from places that don’t allow you to own pets, and with these sweet accounts, you can live vicariously through the zoomies and head scratches of other people’s dogs. Here are the top ten dogs you should be following on Instagram:

  1. mayathedox – a sweet miniature dachshund with a big personality!
  2. mayapolarbear – a bigger and floofier Maya who is just as sweet.
  3. poohbearandpayaya – The adventures of Payaya the Corgi and her best friend Pooh.
  4. the_blueboys – Darren and Phillip, two sweet blue staffies who love their mom.
  5. Goldenboybear_ – Bear Logan, one of the sweetest golden retrievers you ever did see.
  6. pino.the.corgi – A little dog wandering the Emerald city!
  7. teddy.cho.chow – Teddy and Coconut, the sweetest Chow Chow brothers
  8. apupnamedsquish – Squish, the quirky rescue pup who promotes adoption for every-paw-dy
  9. wesleythechickennugget – a pitbull with one of the sweetest smiles in the world
  10. elsiandvilu – Two Finnish pit bulls who love each other very much


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Narrowing this list down was incredibly difficult, and nearly impossible. Let’s be honest, any dog is a dog worth following. They’re all good dogs.