16-Year-Old Author Essynce Moore is a Total Boss

High school junior, Essynce Moore, is a bonafide mogul. The 16-year-old author’s book series is currently mandatory school reading in five states, including New York and New Jersey, and she’s working on an upcoming fourth book, which is sure to join them on the list of “must reads.”

Aside from writing, Essynce is also a fashion designer, motivational speaker and actress having been in Custody with Viola Davis and Maggie’s Plan with Julian Moore, as well as many other indie films. This tenacious teen has big plans for herself and we have no doubt she will continue to soar!

GLITTER: When did you write your first book?
ESSYNCE: When I was 11 I wrote “6th Grade Middle School Chronicles.” I self-published it and it sold over 1,000 copies.

GLITTER: Were you surprised by its success?
ESSYNCE: I knew I was on the right track when someone at a skating rink skating up to me and said, “I read your book and I hope you write a book every year that you in school for the rest of your life.” That’s when I knew I needed to do this.

GLITTER: Do u consider yourself a role model?
ESSYNCE: That’s such a tricky word. I consider myself a role model because people look up to me but I want to encourage people to live their own lives. I want to inspire others to be the best that they can be.

GLITTER: It’s Black History Month. In what area do you think we still need to work on?
ESSYNCE: I want to encourage open-mindedness. Seek your own knowledge because it’s important to be informed about what’s going on. Ask questions and be curious for yourself.

GLITTER: You have had so much success at a young age. What challenges have you faced because of it?
ESSYNCE: Definitely finding a balance between being a normal kid and being an entrepreneur. As a kid it was hard because you find out quick who your real friends are but I am grateful for those challenges.

GLITTER: How do you unwind and practice self love?
ESSYNCE: I’ve been encouraging self love so much lately. I make sure to take an hour out every day, whether it’s to listen to music or meditate, and I log off of social media and spend time with myself. Being alone and content with yourself is important.

GLITTER: Tell us about your fashion line?
ESSYNCE: I adore fashion and expressing myself through fashion. The last thing I released was my Bohemian Line. It was very flowy and beautiful. I also do custom pieces for people through my Website.

GLITTER: What makes your books different than other mandatory school reading books?
ESSYNCE: It’s very relatable. I really talk about everything I dealt with in middle school like crushes, teachers and fights. In my book I address how we interact with one another with social media. I think teachers and adults like it because it gives insight into what is going on with today’s youth.

GLITTER: You are currently on a motivational speaking tour. What’s next for you to accomplish?
ESSYNCE: I’m launching a perfume line this month and I also really want to be pushing my acting career forward.

You can follow her on Twitter @essygoddess to keep up with her accomplishments.