It’s Barbie’s 60th Anniversary + We Can’t Get Enough


Whether you used to dress her up or rip her head off, chances are Barbie was a part of your childhood. For the last 60 years Barbie has been serving up looks as the ultimate female baller and it doesn’t look like she’s going to retire anytime soon.

Mattel has reported that sales are up for the iconic brand, which now carries a more diverse line of dolls, including different body types, ethnicities and disabilities. In fact, the latest line of Barbie to hit shelves will feature a doll with a prosthetic limb and one in a wheelchair.

But the fashionistas influence goes way beyond the toy store, as Barbie-inspired fashion and merchandise are a growing trend amongst millennials and Gen Z’s who can’t get enough of nostalgia and all things “girl power.”

Check out some of these hot Barbie buys.

The Unique Barbie Brocade Coat for $148.00

The Barbie Sandals for $49.00

The Rainbow Tie-Dye Barbie Graphic Tee for $17.99

The Barbie Assorted Notecards for $12.99

The Crushed Velvet Barbie Sweatpants for $22.90

The Barbie Wall Clock for $25.59

The Black Barbie Throw Pillow for $23.99

We hope you get to try one of these amazing buys.