Did Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Call a Truce?


Ryan Reynolds recently posted a video of him and Hugh Jackman calling a truce over a social media war, but what was the deal they made?

Our favorite actors are trending again, but this time they’ve made a deal. Reynolds posted a video Wednesday addressing Jackman and his social media feud and, instead of shaking hands, they decided to make advertisements for each other. Why would high-profile celebrities like them need advertisement? Well, apparently they both own beverage companies. Jackman owns the coffee company Laughing Man while Reynolds owns the liquor company Aviation Gin

They both claimed to make amazing ads for each other and they did come through. Reynolds produced a high-quality, glossy, expensive-looking clip that shows Jackman as a philanthropist helping communities. Jackman’s advertisement wasn’t as expensive and seemed to be a one-shot, low-budget commercial but we can give an A for effort and comedic relief. Check out the video below.

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