Catch a Glimpse of the Newest Pepsi Commercial Starring Cardi B


The rapper is hilarious in the brand new commercial.

During the Superbowl, Cardi B, Steve Carell, and Lil Jon teamed up for a funny Pepsi commercial that had us all saying “OKAY” and, frankly, wanting a Pepsi. Recently, Pepsi released a new commercial in which Cardi B is the sole star.  In the commercial, the rapper uses her signature “okurrr” line to replace “okay”. Soon, everyone in the diner learns how to say it and chimes in. There is even a cameo from drag queen Monét X Change. The commercial also pokes fun at the line by including pigeons in one shot doing the same noise.

Cardi, of course, looks absolutely stunning in the commercial. She wears a Jeremy Scott clear plastic jean jacket with Swarovski crystals paired with a nude corset top and jean shorts. She looks absolutely fabulous.

We hope we will see more of Cardi B in future commercials as she gives them that hilarious flare that really makes them memorable.