Watch Lip Sync Battle’s Latest Episode With Vanessa Morgan + Andy Grammer


Catch the full performance below from Paramount Network’s Lip Sync Battle.

With a brand new episode of Lip Sync Battle, celebrity guest Vanessa Morgan and Andy Grammer shake up the studio with their performances. Before the competition starts Morgan and Grammer play a game of “Liar Liar” where they challenge each other to guess which statements are true and which are a lie.

Lip Sync Battle is hosted by entertainment icon and two-time Grammy Award-winner LL Cool J, and television personality, author and model Chrissy Teigen. The show is based on the pop culture phenomenon of lip sync battling featuring celebrities going head-to-head, lip-syncing the song of their choice. In this week episode, Morgan decided to lip sync Mario hit “Let Me Love You” while Andy Grammer performed  Technotronic “Pump Up The Jam.” Another cool thing about this weeks episode? We can expect singer-songwriter, John Legend, to make an appearance.


Catch the full performance here: