Host Your Next Soirée with Sodastream’s Fizzi One Touch


Soda Stream

Be the next best host with SodaStream’s newest electric sparkling water making device.

Turn your regular water into something elite with just the touch of a button. The best part is the convenience since you won’t have to waste bottle after bottle of sparkling water for your guests. So, why are people even into sparkling water? In short, what makes it so luxurious? First of all, it’s a calorie-free beverage that causes a pleasurable bubbly sensation that we all love, and most people prefer it over still water. But there are even more benefits, such as enhanced digestion, may improve bone density, as well as have beneficial effects on your cholesterol, inflammation and blood sugar.

With SodaStream’s Fizzi One Touch, you simply twist, fizz and enjoy. It comes in black or white and offers 3 levels of carbonation for perfectly customized drinks. You can order your own Fizzi One Touch here.

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