Breaking Down Barriers With Toni Harris


This talented young athlete has a journey filled with strength.

22 year old Antionette “Toni” Harris has sparked quite a buzz after being featured in a commercial for Toyota RAV4 Hybrid that aired at this year’s 53rd Super Bowl game.

Toni Harris is currently a student athlete attending East Los Angeles College on an athletic scholarship.

The Detroit native is a safety for her school’s football team, a position typically not filled by a female. This is exactly the kind of change Toni hopes to make within the world of sports.

She’s recently received a full football scholarship from Bethany College, a NAIA school located in Kansas. This is a major accomplishment as Toni is the 1st female non-kicker to receive a full football scholarship.

Toni is not a rookie when it comes to overcoming obstacles. When Toni was just 4 years old she entered the American foster care system and was finally adopted at the age of 13. At 18 years old, the young athlete was diagnosed with Stage 1 Ovarian Cancer but none of these things stood in the way of her dreams.

Toni is striving towards becoming the 1st ever female NFL player