Fall in Love with Niall Horan’s Release of ‘Flicker Featuring the RTÉ Concert Orchestra’


The singer just released the live album on all streaming sites and we can’t stop listening.

Niall Horan gave us an amazing album when he released ‘Flicker’ two years ago. Late last year he released ‘Flicker Featuring the RTÉ Concert Orchestra’ album but only in physical form. Many people had not heard it yet and so recently, when Niall released the album on all streaming platforms, it was a true blessing. The original album was already amazing, but the orchestra version really enhances the music. It is melodious and absolutely perfect for a day of relaxing or studying.


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‘ Flicker feat. The RTÉ Concert Orchestra ‘ available to download and stream everywhere now. Who’s heard ‘So Long’ ?

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The album also includes a new song, ‘So Long’, which Niall had performed during his ‘Flicker’ tour but never released a studio version of it. It is the perfect addition to the album. The album did not include ‘Slow Hands’ or ‘On the Loose’ but we assume it’s due to both songs being generally higher-paced and not fitting for the orchestra. However, it is still an album worth listening to. Honestly, we have it on repeat and cannot get enough of the piano, violins, and wind instruments. It is quite a beautiful and breathtaking album. Niall’s live vocals make us feel as though we are there watching him perform and we simply can’t get enough.

You can stream the album on Spotify and Apple Music.