Beyonce + Jay Z Offer Fans a Lifetime of Free Concert Tickets to Go Vegan


Beyonce is willing to give a lucky fan free concert tickets but there’s a catch- you have to go vegan.The singer took to Instagram to announce that she and Jay Z would be giving one fan free tickets to their shows for thirty years if they adopt a plant-based eating lifestyle. The Greenprint’s website emphasizes the helpful impacts of becoming vegan including: reducing carbon emissions, saving water, as well as the conservation of power.

The contest is part of The Greenprint Project, an initiative of 22 Days Nutrition. 22 Days Nutrition is a vegan nutrition service founded by Marco Borges and co-owned by the Carters. It’s dedicated to creating solutions that are better for the human body along with the environment. The “Formation” singer plans to educate others on the powerful impact that plant-based meals have on our health as well as the environment.

The Greenprint contest is open to U.S residents 18 years or older and will close April 22, 2019.