21 Savage Releases Groundbreaking Music Video for ‘A lot’

Epic Records/Matt Swinsky

The Atlanta rapper gets serious for his latest project. 

Earlier this month, 21 Savage released his new album I Am > I Was. Since then the album reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 and is currently number 5 proving to everyone that 21 has what it takes.

Today he released a highly anticipated music video for his single “A Lot” featuring J. Cole.

Epic Records

In the video you’ll see a number of scenes with groups of people that look very polished and put together. These people alongside 21 are having an extravagant dinner in a mansion, truly enjoying themselves.

Epic Records/Matt Swinsky

Further into the video you’ll see glimpses of each individual and where they were in life before they became who we see in the present section of the video.

The song and the video really speak to the meaning behind 21’s album title I Am > I Was or I am greater than I was. The switch from where past to present in the video was truly genius. All of the individuals in the video were black which may give the video a deeper meaning as it did drop on the first day of Black History Month. The video signifies overcoming a past struggle to achieve that greatness you are today. I think this is a message we can all get behind.