‘Black Panther’ to Return to Select Theaters in Honor of Black History Month


Black Panther is returning to theaters in February and tickets will be free.Black Panther has had an abundance of success since it’s release date in February of 2018. The film grossed $1.35 billion after it’s first release to theaters, became 2018’s highest grossing film in the U.S, won a SAG award and earned seven Oscar nominations. The film is also the first comic book movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar so it is clear that this movie is groundbreaking in so many ways.

Disney has announced that the movie will return to theaters, February 1-7, for the beginning of Black History Month. There will be two showings per day at 250 AMC theaters across the country. Disney also announced that a $1.5 million grant will be donated to the United Negro College Fund.

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