Laura Mercier Releases New Foundation

Laura Mercier is here with a new foundation to make your skin flawless.

Laura Mercier is one of the staple brands in the makeup community. It has a history of releasing solid products that never fail to impress. Their top products include their translucent setting powder, their under eye brightening powder, and their skin illuminator. All of these have ratings of over four stars on their sites, and their flawless fusion concealer won an Allure award in 2018. Overall, we have a great track record from this brand. They have yet to disappoint.

Because of this, we are so excited to see that they have launched a new foundation. In a tweet on January 25th, we received the announcement of the Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation.  The foundation has already stacked up an average of 3.6 stars and sold out in the shade ganache on the brand’s website. That is a very good start. The foundation retails for $48 and comes in a 1oz bottle which is very standard for a liquid foundation.

It is always exciting to see this brand come out with new products because Laura Mercier herself was a proponent of self-love.  Mercier grew up in France where she was originally a painter, and then moved to makeup and studied at the Carita Insitute. She excelled in her classes and became a teacher there after several years. With the prestigious school’s name behind her and her innate eye for artistry, she was able to make a strong name for herself. She was very inspired by New York and its life and energy in her work.  She is hailed as the pioneer of the flawless face. That’s exactly what her company presents now.


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Supporting this company is also supporting the boss women in this world who work to create businesses to be proud of. Take it from Mercier herself, “Think for a minute about what makes you fabulous and how you can celebrate it.”