The Five Ways Oscar Nominations Made History This Year


The Oscar nominations this year made several strides in all the right directions. The Oscars are one of the most iconic celebrations of movies and pop culture we see today. They truly look at every part of the production of a motion picture. Oscar awards range from sound design and editing to best performance by actors and actresses. There are even awards for foreign language films so we can see what’s happening all over the globe.

The official nominations came out on January 21st. Of course, there were the standard debates over which movies and directors should have been honored and who shouldn’t have received the nomination, but the 2019 Oscar nominations were truly record-breaking. Here are the top five ways that the 2019 Oscar nominations made history:

  1. Black Panther was the first comic book movie to be nominated for best picture. This is slightly surprising based on the fact that Marvel has been putting out incredible content for several years now. However, if any of their movies deserve this honor, there isn’t a better choice than Black Panther.
  2. Spike Lee received his first Oscar nomination for Best Director. Spike Lee has directed some incredible films like  Do The Right Thing and Malcom X. But he finally received this nomination for his amazing work in BlaKkKlansman. 
  3. Gabriela Rodriguez, the director for Roma is the first Hispanic woman to ever receive a best picture nomination.  Roma is also the first Netflix film to ever receive a best picture nomination.
  4. Lady Gaga is the second actress to receive best acting and best song nominations for the same film. Her work with Bradley Copper in A Star is Born definitely deserved this honor.
  5. Hannah Beachler is the first ever African American production design nominee. Beachler was nominated for her work on Black Panther in 2018.

These nominations made history in all the right ways and it is incredible to be a part of this time in history. Make sure to tune in on award show night so we can see who wins.