Ryan Reynolds Celebrates ‘Deadpool 2’ Release in China


The actor is in Beijing to celebrate the release of Deadpool 2 in China.

The first Deadpool was not released in China’s theaters because it was considered to be too graphic and the filmmakers did not think it was possible to censor the film without having to rewrite a different plot. However, Deadpool 2 will be getting edited in a PG-13 version with a new title Deadpool 2: I Love My Home.

Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram to celebrate the news. “Got my eye on you Underpants Building. Thank you to the incredible people of Beijing for inviting Deadpool onto your screens,” the Hitman’s Bodyguard actor wrote in the Instagram caption.

Deadpool 2 has earned over $734 million worldwide. We are happy that China will get to enjoy and appreciate the masterpiece that is Deadpool 2.