‘Kingsman’ Star Taron Egerton Admits He Won’t Be in the Third Movie


Taron Egerton says he doesn’t have a role in the third Kingsman movie but that doesn’t mean we will never see Eggsy again!

Egerton broke the news this past weekend on a Q&A panel at ACE Comic-Con in Arizona, saying that sadly neither him nor his Mr. Darcy co-star, Colin Firth, will be in it. How could that be? What Kingsman movie doesn’t have Eggsy and Harry? However, all of this makes sense when the director of the spy-drama franchise, Matthew Vaughn, revealed that Kingsman 3 will be stated as a prequel to the first two films. “I know the premise,” Egerton tells the interviewer at the Q&A, “and it’s going to be amazing.” He says that once we know the cast of this third installment, we won’t even miss him and Firth!

The title is going to be Kingsman: The Great Game and is set to be released later this year.

Taron Egerton went further on to say, however, that Vaughn has plans on an even further film that centers around Eggsy again. But just because we won’t see Egerton fight in a suit and entice us with his signature wink this year does not mean we won’t see the Welsh actor at all in 2019! The Elton John biopic, Rocketman, is in full swing and is still set to release in May. Ever since the actor enacted his Instagram in 2018, he’s been littering his feed with sneak peeks of him playing the famous singer. He even posted some of him singing, too.


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Good luck, Taron! We can’t wait to see Rocketman!