Carve Your Brows with the Newest Urban Decay Collection


Urban Decay just released their Streetstyle Brow collection, and it looks absolutely stunning. 

Urban Decay has dropped some of the most iconic products on the market today. All of the Naked palettes are staples in the makeup community and their Electric eyeshadow palette is a go-to for any colorful makeup look. They also came out with the Primer Potion which revolutionized eye makeup looks and their Vice liquid lipstick formulas are undisputable. Honestly, Urban Decay works incredibly hard to produce quality makeup products, and their newest brow line is sure to be no different.

In an Instagram post on January 18th, Urban Decay announced Streetstyle Brow. It is a five-product line meant to encompass everything you could need to do your brows. This is their first real step into the brow world. In the past, they have released a few products, but never a line dedicated solely to eyebrows.

The products included are the Brow Guide, Double Down Brow, Brow Blade, Brow Endowed, and Brow Finish. These are a stencil, brow putty, ink stain, primer, and waterproof gel respectively. They really have tackled all areas of the eyebrow. All of the tinted products come in seven shades so there’s definitely something for everyone, and currently, you can get free shipping and returns on Streetstyle product orders.

Urban Decay is an amazing company that strives to positively impact the beauty community and the world. They have been working in the beauty industry for twenty years and make sure that all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free, which can make you feel even better about using their products.

These brow products look incredible, and with all of the amazing products Urban Decay has released in the past, they are sure not to disappoint. Head on over to their site and get ready to revolutionize your eyebrow game.