Why You Need Beauty Bakerie in Your Life


The beauty industry is having a global moment right now, but an independent company really needs to be highlighted. With the advent of YouTube and Instagram makeup culture, it seems like everyone is excited about makeup, and there are so many brands to choose from. There are more amazing products being released every single day, and knowing what to buy is basically just a guess. Well, next time you’re in the market for new makeup you should check out Beauty Bakerie.

Beauty Bakerie is owned by Cashmere Nicole, a woman who truly models what it means to grow from your hardships. The now CEO battled cancer and underwent a double mastectomy as a single mother and put herself through college and nursing school on her own while she was founding the company in 2011. She used the company as a passion project to help her heal through all of her struggles. She is a woman of resilience and fortitude, but also of kindness and generosity.


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Going through breast cancer was such a defining moment in my evolution as a woman and mother. I remember being so conflicted when it came to my breast implants. The first set were placed after a Double Mastectomy. They were shaped like two half basketballs in my opinion. Super round. The truth was I wasn’t happy about them. I felt so bad for feeling that way. I knew I should just be thankful for beating cancer and thankful that I could even have implants, especially considering that Kelly died the morning I came from surgery….Another pink ribbon sister of mine couldn’t have implants at all. She spoke about how she felt when she would open her drawer every day to, “put on her boobs.” I was so sad for her. She ended up passing away as the cancer continued to eat at her body, never her spirit, her body. My guilt for wanting them to just look normal continued but I silenced those desires. A year later, even after the mastectomy, another lump was found. They had to go back in to remove it and my doctor mentioned a new technology. They’re more formally known as ‘Gummy Bear Technology’ (How on-brand!) They’re teardrop shaped implants that provide the survivor with cleavage. The day came and he asked, “B Cup or C Cup?” Lol. I smiled as I thought maybe I’ll feel like myself again. Losing your breasts has the potential to rob you of so much if you’re not careful. I thank God for a sound mind and I thank God that nearly 7 years later, I let the Gummies hang out in this top which was a big step for me to feel that comfortable again. I encourage you to check your breasts often. There’s so much I want to share with you on how to protect yourself, but it’s just so much. I can suffice it to say, challenge every word they say. Cancer sat in my body for a year and a half after a simple lumpectomy. No one uttered a word and I was too immature to inquire. Thankfully another doctor cared enough about his work in this world. I’m here 💛

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The makeup brand started out with just a matte lipstick.  It was a great product and it was even featured by Allure for its staying power. However, Nicole wanted to keep growing her brand in a socially responsible way and now produces all cruelty-free and vegan products. The brand is also incredibly inclusive. Their iconic Cake Mix foundation comes in thirty shades for women of all colors and they work to feature models of all skin tones and backgrounds on their website and social media. Not only do they make a great foundation, but all of their products are of the highest quality. Their newest product on the market, Lip Whips, are matte and metallic liquid lipsticks that come in twenty-six different shades.

On top of all of this, the brand works to consistently give back to the community. Cashmere Nicole started the organization Sugar Homes back in 2016, and it officially launched officially at the start of this year. The organization works to support orphanages and struggling children globally by providing clothes, food, toys and money for education. Currently, they’ve received over eleven million donations and are working on where they will assist next. You can suggest an orphanage close to your heart on their website.

This is the kind of brand that needs to be recognized every single day. It is a company that stands for inclusivity, resilience, and generosity. That is what we should be glorifying. And we can all learn from what this brand has to say “Be Better, not Bitter.”