Check Out the New Trailer for Captain Marvel


We have a new superhero in town and this time she’s kicking alien butt with her photon blast.

Before becoming Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) was originally a colonel in the Untied States Air Force. She served as an intelligence officer, NASA security officer, and pilot. She worked with an undercover alien named Mar-Vell, otherwise known as the original Captain Marvel, who posed as a human scientist on Earth. During an adventure with Mar-Vell, she developed her superhuman abilities. When he died, she took upon his title, thus becoming the new face for Captain Marvel. She was an iconic superhero during the 1970’s feminist movement, and now she’s back in 2019 as the mysterious woman warrior set in the ’90’s, decades before the Avengers first assembled.

Why is she mysterious? Because in the trailer, Carol returns to Earth after joining the elite military team Starforce on the Kree planet of Hala, having no memory of her Earth life. Only knowledge of her powers, and the evil shape shifting Skrulls.

What’s even more exciting than Captain Marvel itself? The fans’ reactions.

You can watch all 3 trailer of Captain Marvel exclusively on YouTube, and don’t forget to catch the movie, in theaters March 8th.