Take a Look at the Trailer for Netflix’s Animated Series ‘Carmen Sandiego’


Netflix has given Carmen Sandiego a new motivation and we are here for it.On January 4th, Netflix released the first trailer for the upcoming series, Carmen Sandiego as well as the release date. The new series includes Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez as Carmen and Stranger Things star, Finn Wolfhard as Carmen’s partner in crime, Player.

In this version of the animation, Carmen goes through training academy for thieves called, V.I.L.E, where she will learn how to be the perfect criminal. However, instead of keeping with Carmen’s villainous ways, Netflix decided to turn her into the hero. The heroine has given up her evil ways, deciding to become the thief that steals stolen items from thieves. Carmen Sandiego will be the fourth series based on the fictional character, following two shows on PBS and one on Fox. Instead of just simply asking “WHERE is Carmen Sandiego?” this series will give us insight on the question, “WHO is Carmen Sandiego?” as well.

Be on the lookout for the new series, premiering January 18th.