Louise Pentland Gives Some Much Needed New Year’s Encouragement


In a time saturated by “New Year, New Me” YouTuber and blogger, Louise Pentland, gives a healthy perspective on why New Year’s resolutions are important.

The first two weeks of January are often the most exciting and disappointing weeks of the year. You’re ready to accomplish new goals and take advantage of this annual fresh start. However, building new habits is incredibly hard, and if you forget one of your resolutions right after you’ve begun, it can be discouraging.

There has been more and more pressure to stop creating New Year’s resolutions. Often coming from the perspective that you can set new goals whenever you want, and you don’t need to wait for a day on a calendar. While this is valid, and you absolutely can set new goals whenever you want, Louise Pentland, posted a video this week about her opinion and thoughts about this tradition. Pentland discusses the importance of making your mental health and well-being something to work for in the new year.


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AD | Don’t all be too impressed but despite it not even being Christmas yet, I’m already thinking about my goals for 2019. One of them is definitely to continue with my @WW.UK journey which I have been on now for about 6 months. I started because pregnancy had been glorious but sadly a lot of my lovely clothes were too small, I wanted to organise our eating habits (no more last minute panic dashes to the shops for dinners!) and I wanted to take control of my health and feel good. . With any new thing, it was a challenge at first but surprisingly quickly it just became second nature and #MyWhy for starting (my clothes, my health and our habits) started to get closer and closer. I’m not back in alllll the outfits yet but some of them are feeling pretty great and our shopping habits have definitely improved (and cut our food bill- should I make a video on this at some point??). . Basically, it’s been a brilliant year and I really want this to continue into 2019. I’ve loved being a WW Ambassador and, drum roll please, WW have some new members of the family with Robbie Williams and Kate Hudson becoming Celeb Ambassadors- say whhhaaattttt?!? . 2019 is going to be amazing!! What do you have planned for it?

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New years and new goals aside, the main idea here is to have strong priorities. Decide what is important to you and work hard to focus on that. Do a little bit every day, and eventually, it will become natural.