Listen to BTS’ Jimin Solo Record ‘Promise’



Jimin saved 2018 and released a year-end gift to fans.

The BTS lead vocalist and main dancer of BTS, Jimin, shocked fans and released a solo non-album track titled “Promise.” The song was entirely composed by himself. On December 31, “Promise” premiered on Soundcloud and was referred to as “Jimin’s first present,” which hopefully means that there is more in store from the singer.

Fans poured out their support for the newly released track. This record proves yet again that Jimin is not just a dancing king, but also a vocal king.

Jimin’s voice sounds soothing and addictive. The song is about three minutes long and you can hear his angelic vocals accompanied with soft acoustic guitar rhythms. The artist revealed that “Promise” is a song he wrote for himself. He also encouraged his fans to invest in their own happiness.

“Promise” has so far surpassed 14 million streams on SoundCloud and is available to stream for free on the app. Jimin even got Jimmy Fallon’s attention, who tweeted his love for “Promise.”

We can’t wait to see what the vocalist has in store for us in the future.