These Kitchen Essentials by Peugeot Are Perfect Gifts for Mom + Dad This Holiday Season


Vittel Duo by Peugeot

Peugeot’s cutlery and spice mills make the perfect gifts for anyone this holiday season. 

Peugeot’s salt and pepper mills are essential for any kitchen. This duo of spice mills makes seasoning a breeze. Just hit a button and voila, you have a sleek design with unique functionality that will help to make cooking faster and easier. You can even adjust the coarseness of them with a quick turn of the silver metal knob.

Peugeot’s cutlery takes the cake and can cut it too. Each knife offers a modern design and an innovative handle. Each knife is designed for their own unique purpose in mind, from fine chopping vegetables to slicing a serving of Filet Mignon. No matter which knife you choose, you can artfully craft the perfect meals in your own kitchen.


One of our favorite sets is the Paris Bistro steak knives. The knives are made in France. They have a comfortable grip and a great aesthetic. The chromium in the steel blade make it resistible to corrosion and give them an extra boost in the performance department.

You can purchase these amazing holiday gifts on the website.