Sophia Bush Empowers Us All as Single Women


Sophia Bush comes at the world with dating advice and what it means when a guy calls you “too much.”

In the latest episode on the Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast, One Tree Hill star and Anna Faris dish on some secrets about their past relationships and reveal some important insight on how it changed the way they view dating. Women are not shy of challenges when it comes to dating. And this includes all kinds of women, delicate and strong. Too delicate can mean you’re a pushover and too strong can classify you as “too intense” or “intimidating”. Here’s where Sophia imparts us with her wisdom.

Her advice to those of us who feel insecure with our track records in love is to forgive ourselves and be patient. And to our partners who it just didn’t work out with, she says, “You don’t deserve this piece of me. That’s OK, I f–ked up giving it to you when you didn’t deserve it…and I don’t deserve to treat myself that way either.” Just that little bit of her experience is so meaningful because it’s not just a rejection of insecurities, but also encouragement in owning herself.

Let’s not take her message for granted and learn not only to be kind to ourselves, but be powerful, beautiful, strong, and independent women.