Surprise a Loved One With oh my bloom Flowers


Sending flowers to that special someone has never been easier.

Whether it’s for a birthday or anniversary, flowers are always a perfect gift that show someone you’re thinking about them. But after years of getting a bouquet of red roses that die within a few days, you may be getting tired of the average-looking flower. That’s where oh my bloom comes in.

oh my bloom is a NYC-based flower company that sells forever roses and other flowers for all types of occasions. From weddings to anniversaries, these unique arrangements will perfectly capture the aesthetic of any event.

Roses can be bought either in single units or as bouquets, and they last for a full year. oh my bloom also sells gorgeous flower crowns that are designed to be worn for weddings or photo shoots.


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You can even pick from a list of 11 colors to customize what your unique arrangement will look like. It’s impossible not to fall in love with these flowers.

The great thing about forever roses is that they travel well! The company currently ships to the US, Europe, and Latin America, so you can spread the love internationally. Click here to shop for oh my bloom products.