Bryson Tiller Delays Upcoming Album


The “Don’t” singer announced that his album has been pushed back.

Bryson Tiller revealed on his Instagram story that he will release his upcoming album until he is completely happy with it. Bryson’s last album was released in 2017 called True to Self, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.

He wrote:

“Album delayed till I’m happy with it. I understand that people these days love to have new music like every 4 months but that’s just not how I work.”

Bryson is referencing fans that have been camped out in his comments demanding for new music. The singer also revealed that he was getting ultimatums from fans.

“Fans out here giving me ultimatums and sh*t and I’m just like damn I thought this shit was forever.”

Bryson has a point. It takes an artist time to feel like he can share his craft with the world. Quality over quantity. Bryson also mentioned that at the same time, he appreciates his fans but no new album will be coming anytime soon.

“Tryna get it right for y’all, but most importantly for myself. “Much love to y’all tho foreal. got plenty of music I plan on releasing, just not an album now or anytime soon.”

Who knows what is to come. Stay tuned.